In The Pines

my friend Rick Mckee’ blog: Blue Oak.


Because Leadbelly wasn’t singing about white oak, no sir…


MPDYER, from The New Bedford Whaling Museum (–a museum on my bucket list) made the keen observation from a picture in a Blue Oak post the other day that the differential rate of decay between two newly uncovered tenons in our Sagamore project had less to do with God’s Will and more to do with one being white oak and the other being a pine. We’re still not sure exactly which type of pine, but if I had to guess, I’d say pitch pine. The local flora is teeming with pitch pines, which are used fairly commonly in old timber frames in the area. So thanks, MPDYER! From this time forward, we are calling you CSI-MPDYER!

And speaking of CSI-ing, look what we found out today:


A simple piece of riven pine lathe from an early 18th-century saltbox addition…

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