Night 3 of “Vin Scully for Six Nights”

Local independent tv station KDOC (Ch 56) has been showing the last 6 Dodger home games this week. Tonight is the third game and it’s a big one versus the Giants. Last nights’ game was tense with Grienke vs Bumgarner for the SF Giants, who swings harder than anyone I have ever seen, let alone a pitcher. He’s like a Babe Ruth, If the Dodgers win tonight with Kershaw going for his 21st on the mound, then they win the West.

So, it’s six games in a row on tv this week with the master, Vin Scully. Tomorrow, Thursday night is a night off, then it’s Colorado for the final three games at the Ravine.

Centerfielder Yasiel Puig has been interesting to watch this week. Looking like Willie Mays. Yasiel made a catch the previous night (9/22) that was the best out that I’ve seen all year from any player and then he threw out the runner to complete the double play. It’s part hilarious to watch but mostly scary. Special shout out to Justin Turner’s bat (2 homers last night) and his hot glove in the infield last night.

Hope that we all get to enjoy some well played post season baseball.

Chris L.

p.s. the recent fear based drums of war by the U.S. are not hurting my buzz. I’m happy just focusing on one thing at a time and that’s baseball at the present moment.


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