Interview with Pumpkinrot!

Grist for my mill…


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.13.47 AM

Now for a very special interview with the gifted, mysterious genius PUMPKINROT! This guy has inspired me so much. For the few of you who aren’t already aware, Pumpkinrot is a Halloween artist and blogger. His top-notch yard-haunting skills transcend the craft; he basically designs professional-caliber movie sets in his lawn every October 31st (photos of which are displayed on his site). His amazing handmade props have gotten him national attention, as with the 2013 horror film Mr. Jones, for which he was handpicked to design the scarecrows. Just quietly working from his home in Pennsylvania, he has drawn ardent followers and admirers based on his astounding talent alone. He’s the real deal.

His year-round Halloween blog is the sole reason I am able to survive the months between November and September. He is an unending source of Halloween ideas, images, music, recommendations, news, quotes, stories, film previews, TV clips…

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