Sonny Gray -Oakland A’s vs Los Angeles Dodgers 7/28/15 (recap)

I was lucky enough to attend the Sonny Gray game last night, which ended at 9:30pm. 2-0 A’s.

Sonny pitched a complete game shut out, AND he hit a single.. his first!

Josh Reddick..Holy Crap-Dwight Evans City.

Dodgers need an Aroldis Chapman type closer.

Red Sox are BURNT TOAST. You can’t blame Jon Lester. I heard someone say that they have gone downhill since. It’s a frustrating thing for fans to see a great franchise on a pretty solid record of World Series wins become uncompetitive. Reports of pitchforks, torches and hounds being handed out in the Back Bay as we speak, the Sons Of Liberty have reformed and stuffing effigies of Red Sox front office execs which will swing at twilight this evening from the old State House and be ignited.


Keep the faith. Go Dodgers, Go Red Sox.

-Chris LaSalle, Los Angeles


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