Joe Strummer, WEEI, Henry Owens, Marshfield Fair, Mike McColgan, Alex Speier


Yesterday’s highlights and shout outs:

Joe Strummer’s birthday 8/21/15
Red Sox led by pitcher Henry Owens beat the Royals 7-2. The Royals are currently the best team in MLB.

During the fifth inning of the Sox game, WEEI radio’s Joe Castiglione and Dave O’Brien were waxing nostalgic about the Marshfield Fair. Dave O’Brien shared his memories of the rides, games and 4H exhibits.

Special shout out to the staff member at WEEI that cued up Get Down Moses by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros (Streetcore Album) at the start of the sixth inning, after coming out of the commercial. I heard the guitar intro make it briefly onto air at the end of the fifth. Got my attention.

Speaking of Marshfield, I got a call yesterday from Mike McColgan of Street Dogs who said he just had dinner down in Marshfield during the last week.

Shout out to Boston Globe’s Alex Speier for dropping science and making sense out of the Dumbrowski news and all it’s implications.
I digitally subscribed to the Globe to keep up with Alex’s stellar and entertaining reporting for the remainder of the season and then some.


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