Last nights do or die contest between Puerto Rico and The Kingdom of the Netherlands has me hooked for life to this only every 4 year event. 11 innings that were filled with star power, excitement, passion and pain. Extra Innings, home runs, stubbed toes, great cut off throws, semi-bench clearing, TERRIFIC pitching, a blistering foul tip injury, an appearance by Kenley Jansen (Netherlands/Dodgers) and Enrique Hernandez(Puerto Rico/Dodgers), playing against each other on their regular season home field in Echo Park, LA.

Helluva game.  Stars of baseball, known and unknown (to me) playing hard, with heart, under the lights in Echo Park/Elysian Park.

Watched at home on MLB Network, keeping our windows open and we could hear the crowd and the rallying percussion jam sessions. Dieter Ruehle- Dodger Stadium organist kept the atmosphere lively with his sense of humor and intelligent musical puns and quotes.

Francisco Lindor (Cleveland Indians/PuertoRico) was in the series just a few months ago.

Got a kick out of seeing infielder Xander Bogaerts on team Kingdom of the Netherlands. He was 19 years old when he played in the last WBC in 2013. Bogaerts went on to win a World Series ring with the Red Sox that year. I heard someone on MLB Radio/SiriusXM say yesterday that the WBC competition prepped Xander for the big stage.

I came across these great photos from the game last night;

Diane and I are invited to our next door neighbor Sheherezade’s tonight to celebrate Persian New Year. We’ll be able to see the lights of Dodger Stadium from the house as the USA takes on Japan to determine who gets to play vs Puerto Rico in the final at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday.

I will be distracted during dinner and preoccupied with tonights game.






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